Monday, August 2, 2010

What do you wear on your photo shoot ?!?

Guidlines for couples, family, children, graduation, business & how to look more slim !

Many Many times, I get asked this question over and over again... well I have writen it all down for you and I hope this will help and answer most of your questions when it comes time to Dress for the press !! LOL ~ A little of my humor !

• Cloths, colors & shoes: decide if you would prefer a casual or more formal portrait
• Coordinating clothes: the night before your portrait try laying out all the cloths the couple will be wearing. Be sure they match and that they are not too distracting.
• Hands: ladies hands are often included in portraits, they add femininity and elegance. Having your nails done is important; hands usually are included with couples engagement and anniversary portraits to show off the ring.
• Makeup: remember to bring along some makeup (lipstick and powder) for touch ups.
 Contact lenses: some people who wear contacts tent to blink on a high percentage of photos, it might be a good idea for you to wear glasses and then take them off for the photos.
• Last but not least: get a good night nights sleep so you will have a fresh look.

• Cloths, colors & shoes: decide if you would prefer a casual or more formal portrait
• For Casual: consider Denim, similar sweaters or turtle necks, Pick matching colors or at least similar tones
• For more formal: stay with Dark, solid colors. Feel free to bring a couple of tops if you are not sure which will photograph best. Try and avoid large areas of light pastels, bold striped, bold patterns or anything that this too distracting, a subtle pattern is fine. Also avoid short sleeves; upper arms always tend to photograph wider than they are in real life. Keep in mind that dark colors are slimming. Keep jewelry simple, a conservative is always a safe choice.

• What to bring: Please bring a couple outfits, Denim overalls are always cute, and white, off white or pastels are also nice. It's a good idea to bring a couple favorite toys. Sometimes with younger babies its smart to include mom in a couple of the shots, so you should bring a casual white, cream or off white top too.

• Women & Men: when it comes to cloths keep in mind that you want to appear professional but friendly. When in doubt about what to wear, a slight conservative look is best. A jacket in blue, navy, grey, burgundy, or black are always safe choices. Try and avoid large areas of pastels, bold stripes, patterns, and anything that's too distracting. A subtle pattern is fine though. Avoid short sleeves if you are not wearing a jacket. Remember dark colors are slimming, business portraits are just head and shoulders so don't worry about your shoes, Keep jewelry simple, again conservative is always a safe choice.

***The psychology of color: For business portraits you must know that:

1. the don't trust me color is GREEN, Avoid it !
2. the cheap image color is purple, avoid it !
3. the Unsophisticated or slob color is brown, Avoid it !
4. the Colors that say SUCCESS AND TRUSTORTHY are navy and black

Think about the image you want to project in your picture, conservative, friendly, artsy, approachable. I would be happy to discuss ideas with you.

• What to wear: bring your cap and gown and a whit dress shirt and tie for the guys or a white blouse for the girls. You will only see from the waist up so don't worry about the shoes and you can wear jeans if you like. For the casual shots wear what ever you would like, if you are not sure bring a few things and I can help you pick out what looks best. A nice sweater is always a nice look. Jeans and a white T-shirt are very Popular for that CK look.
• Bring a Friend or mom and dad: see family portrait guidelines for dress ideas

• Cloths, colors and pets: most people prefer their pictures in the park to be casual sitting on the grass type poses, denim is always popular. When it comes to colors in general, try and dress everyone in similar colors. Psychologist says it shows closeness. For fall portraits a nice fall sweater looks great. Khaki pants or Dockers with white shirts are also a very popular combination

• Try to avoid; white socks and running shoes, they are very distracting. Feel free to bring the family pet if you like. Be sure to avoid cloths with LARGE logos DESIGNS, and team names ect.. The wind is unpredictable so extra hair spray is usually a good idea.


Colors and ideas ;
• Most people prefer to look a little slimmer that they are, yes its true that a camera adds ten pounds (at least) but most photographers can correct that with proper posing, turning your body to a better angle and adjusting the camera angle or height. But it makes a big difference if you do the following…
• Too look slimmer try these:

1. Darker colors are slimming
2. Solid colors
3. One color head to toe
4. Vertical lines are slimming; consider vertical pleats, v necks or a long chain

Instant flatter stomach:
• Try pants with a flat front. No draw stings, pockets, zippers, or decorations
• NO POCKETS, avoid pants that have a lot of pockets that draw attention to your waist area
• Use Eye catching shinny jewelry or objects to avert attention away from problem areas
• Simple lines are slimming; consider A line skirts, collared blazers and blouses
• Heels add height and therefore are slimming
• Good posture always makes you look slimmer
• Wear your proper size clothing. You will look slimmer in cloths that fit you. Other than cloths that are too clingy or too baggy.
• Consider pantyhose with whatever foundation you feel comfortable in, lycra, control top, or body shaper.


• Lighter colors (white, most pastels) make you look heavier
• Bold patterns, plaids, shiny fabrics, heavy fabrics.
• Short sleeves and your upper arms look bigger than they are
• Horizontal lines make you look heavier, avoid belts and wide collars or wide lapels
• Double breasted jackets or blazers add weight also.