Friday, November 5, 2010

What Im doing an hour before the session...

I have an event to shoot tonight and I'm double booked for tomorrow, and there are only so many things you can do until the day of the shoot....So while I’m just taking a breather from my preparations to write this post and let other photographers know what I’m doing to prepare. It’s one hour until our session and I’m…
•Looking over all of our emails to make sure I remember their names, the details of the session and promises I’ve made about what they can expect for their session.

•Going through these emails, I remember that it’s their 25th Anniversary today! Must stop on my way and pick up flowers & chocolates.

•Printing client information forms.

•Looking through my inspiration folder and dragging ideas I’m really ‘feeling’ into my Droid (cell phone) photos folder so I can have them on hand if inspiration dries up.

•Doing all the typical battery/memory card checks and packing my bags.

•Giving my lens a clean.

•Having a snack even though I’m not hungry (yet). I can get pretty shaky when I’m hungry so I should juice up now.

•I’m out of batteries! Must leave 5 mins early just in case I need them for my flash.

It pays to ALWAYS be prepared... and my philosophy is that being on time is being late, BUT being early is being on time...