Friday, December 17, 2010

Family {{ The Terry's }}

Here is the sweetest little family EVER.... Sadie is in clara's grade and Kada and Clayton just complete this little trio !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Copyright Information

All images copyrighted by the photographer, JC Fotography (Jackie Calvert). It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy, or reproduce JC Fotography's (Jackie Calvert) work in any manner and is punishable by law under the United States Copyright Laws with fines starting at $150,000.

When hiring a custom photographer you are also putting your trust within that artist to have the best images possible in print and digital form. By altering the artist’s work you are taking away from the quality and professionalism of the art.

Thank you so much for respecting JC Fotography's work and livelihood by choosing NOT to reproduce her images.

Here is a little more info on the COPYRIGHT LAWS !

Friday, December 3, 2010

Family {{ The Kimbrell's }}

I just love meeting new clients and exploring new places... We shot in town and out at the Clarkson Covered bridge in Cullman. It was absolutly beautiful out there. Having this beautiful family to shoot was a HUGE PLUS... I love them ! AND to top it off... They are ALABAMA FANS ! ROLLLLLL TIDE

Brandy, Brian, Brady, Jordyn, & Sophie.... I cant wait for the nest time we shoot. You are are beautiful people and your very blessed to have your family.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little TLC

I wanted to show you guys a few before and after shots I have. I never show clients the SOOC. (Strait out of camera) Each Photo I take goes through individual processing to perfect it so I can put my touch on it...I MUST show you some of these before and afters... I also offer "FIX MY PHOTO" service to others. Below are a few EDITED photos from others....They needed a little TLC so this is how I get down !

                                    Above Photo by LASTING MEMORIES PHOTOGRAPHY


                      The ABOVE and Below Photos BY TIFFANY MANGUM PHOTOGRAPHY


Baby { Sofia }

My first time to meet this little bundle of joy. She is sooo perfect and such a happy baby too. This was an impromptu shoot that took about 10 minutes. I cant wait to shoot their family pics for this holiday seasion !



Friday, November 5, 2010

Family {{ The Gayheart's }}

Dana contacted me via my website one day and on the form that is filled out, it ask HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME?  she said she saw a magnet on a car at church... WOW..My First Car Door Magnet Client ! lol... anyways, it was such a pleasure meeting and photographing her and her beautiful family. They are some of the prettiest people I have ever seen..Inside and out !  Lucas was wide open an excited to be outside and ready to run. Little miss Hadley and her blue eyes and blonde hair is drop head gorgeous ! Here are a few from their always. ENJOY !!!

What Im doing an hour before the session...

I have an event to shoot tonight and I'm double booked for tomorrow, and there are only so many things you can do until the day of the shoot....So while I’m just taking a breather from my preparations to write this post and let other photographers know what I’m doing to prepare. It’s one hour until our session and I’m…
•Looking over all of our emails to make sure I remember their names, the details of the session and promises I’ve made about what they can expect for their session.

•Going through these emails, I remember that it’s their 25th Anniversary today! Must stop on my way and pick up flowers & chocolates.

•Printing client information forms.

•Looking through my inspiration folder and dragging ideas I’m really ‘feeling’ into my Droid (cell phone) photos folder so I can have them on hand if inspiration dries up.

•Doing all the typical battery/memory card checks and packing my bags.

•Giving my lens a clean.

•Having a snack even though I’m not hungry (yet). I can get pretty shaky when I’m hungry so I should juice up now.

•I’m out of batteries! Must leave 5 mins early just in case I need them for my flash.

It pays to ALWAYS be prepared... and my philosophy is that being on time is being late, BUT being early is being on time...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1st Place in the County Meet

Just wanted to take a second and shout out to my nephew Blake Calvert... He did an awesome job this past week at the cross county cullman county meet. I dont remember what his time was, but I do know that this course was a tuff one and ALL the kids did great. However Blake won First Place for the varsity boys and I could NOT be more proud of him, he is an awesome athlete, he is getting better and better and if he sticks with this he has a very bright future ahead... GO BLAKESTER !

We are super dooper proud of ya ~
Jackie, Darrin, and the girls

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tween { Whitney Cotton }

LOVE these pics of cowgirl whitney !  We had a blast driving around looking for fun places to stop and shoot.  It took a little while for her to warm up to the camera but she is a natural. There are only a few of my favorites here. but we got TONS of awesome shots of this little beauty ! I cant wait till the next shoot this fall with the whole family. There are 3 brothers plus her !!!

This is one of my favorite photos of all my carreer!

This Tractor was the first one on the mountain her in Bremen, Al.  (Smith Lake) I think it dates back to 1920's or 1930's. Its sooo neat to see how things change !  Whitney is a great model to show this old thing off...

Also, I just love her boots, I have first dibs on them when she grows out of them sonya !!!  So send them on over.

Last but not least, Im loving this shot we got in the front yard...We had a dry spell so it had been a while since everyone had cute their grass. I think it turned out awesome, dont you !

Seniors { Lucas & Caitlin Marsh }

Well Michelle has her hands full with these guys...Three kiddo's in Three different school districts....And I dont just mean in the next town...

I met Lucas through my Nephew blake, they both attend and run at Cold Springs High School. Caitlin goes to Alabama School of Fine Arts and I must say she is my favorite "nerd" as her momma says... And Little miss Camille is a site as well, she is in middle school at Cullman...

We had tons of fun gettin to know each other and it didnt take long for them to warm up to the camera !
Here are a few shot of what we got ~ Enjoy !           

My New Facebook Welcome page !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teens {Ally the Barbie}

This little beauty is a wonderful young lady, she is a cheerleader at Cullman High School and needed a few pics for the program, but we took this opportunity to shoot some fun stuff too... We ended up with TONS of great shots like the one you saw above. couldnt you just get lost in her blue eyes !!!  Here are some of the shots we got that day !

We couldnt get enough of these beautiful doors on the front of a church... they really made the picture pop !

Ally Had such a versitile look and she knew exactly what to do infront of the camera LOVES her...It will soon be cold weather out and I cant wait for the call...she is just beautiful...Until then Miss Ally.

Newborn {Baby Jordan}

This little guy was the sweetest baby boy ever... he was trying his best to nap while I moved, posed, 7 Photographed him... His mommy lost all the pictures that were taken the first week he was born, so Of course JC Fotography to the rescue... He is about 23 days old here...But he is still brand new !

I know he is already changing and growing up so much, I cant wait for the next little mildstone to come along... Capturing all those moments are very special and I look forward to helping you freeze them in time.