JC Style

My mission is to help you capture and celebrate every stage of your life with portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime.

My style, Everyone deserves to feel special, to feel beautiful. Creating a work of art is what I strive to do, a portrait that though the years will appear timeless. I want to bring a joyful tear to a mother's eye. I want to hear a girl say "WOW, I am beautiful!" I want to captivate you each time you look at your Images. I want them to be timeless and new all in the same. I want to capture the essence of childhood. I want to see the world through your children. I want you to remember the day with a smile when you look at your portraits on the wall year after year. To always be reminded of those special moments, to always remember when...

I pride myself on choosing new and interesting locations and not relying on the "say cheese" method of photography. With that in mind, sometimes the best pictures are taken in your own home or backyard where you or your little ones are most comfortable. I want to capture your true laughter, not the forced poses and smiles. Pictures should make you feel emotions when you look at them and there's no better way to do that than to capture them in their true form.

With Photography as my career it has allowed me to meet amazing people like you! I want profound relationships with my clients and I truly enjoy watching their children grow up, from maternity portraits for years to come.

My business has evolved solely out of word of mouth and I can't begin to thank my clients and friends enough for all of the continuous referrals! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!