Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mothers Day Session {Mesamore}

A day that changed our lives ~ April 27th 2011

What a devastating day for the whole south east. Tornado's swept across our state wiping away homes, businesses and lives. We always hear and see on the news photos of horrible natural disasters, but unless you see one for yourself....well its just not the same. Our little town of cullman did NOT get the worse part, but having this storm damage here is a little to close for comfort.

Im not going to go on and on about what all happened, SURELY you have been watching the news and you are aware of this category 1 state of disaster. rate up there along with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

All the photos below are of cullman county and you can see the beautiful little houses and businesses GONE. Cullman is a historical district and all the buildings are very very old. Clara, my oldest, she was very shocked to see a tree in the front door of her school. As for me, It broke my heart to see it all... especially this little chapel where I one day wanted to have the wedding I never had...I have a before and after shot here. Please continue to pray for everyone across the state. Many people lost their lives, loved ones, children, parents, homes, and more...