Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bleach Designs

 I started with a spray bottle of bleach, An Old shirt that Clara had grease stains on, a print out (cut out) cross from clip art. and s thick folded towel....

First I placed the towel in the shirt and put my clip art right where I wanted it.

Then As you see here I sprits the shirt a few times with the bleach and removed the clip art cross before the bleach could soak through it and ruin my design.
 I added a few Rine-stones as you can see... Clara LOVES to sparkle,

Here she is Modeling her new shirt...Her hair is a mess, but thats cause i made her take one shirt off to put this one on!  
Im still working on the back, but come back later so you can see !!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leslie Guin { Maternity }

Alysa, Aliya, & Alyvia

These Girls were soooo much fun, I absolutely fell in-love with them, and their mommy and daddy. Such a energetic family...( no that they have a choice) lol... The twins are turning two and the big sister is turning Three.