Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tween { Whitney Cotton }

LOVE these pics of cowgirl whitney !  We had a blast driving around looking for fun places to stop and shoot.  It took a little while for her to warm up to the camera but she is a natural. There are only a few of my favorites here. but we got TONS of awesome shots of this little beauty ! I cant wait till the next shoot this fall with the whole family. There are 3 brothers plus her !!!

This is one of my favorite photos of all my carreer!

This Tractor was the first one on the mountain her in Bremen, Al.  (Smith Lake) I think it dates back to 1920's or 1930's. Its sooo neat to see how things change !  Whitney is a great model to show this old thing off...

Also, I just love her boots, I have first dibs on them when she grows out of them sonya !!!  So send them on over.

Last but not least, Im loving this shot we got in the front yard...We had a dry spell so it had been a while since everyone had cute their grass. I think it turned out awesome, dont you !

Seniors { Lucas & Caitlin Marsh }

Well Michelle has her hands full with these guys...Three kiddo's in Three different school districts....And I dont just mean in the next town...

I met Lucas through my Nephew blake, they both attend and run at Cold Springs High School. Caitlin goes to Alabama School of Fine Arts and I must say she is my favorite "nerd" as her momma says... And Little miss Camille is a site as well, she is in middle school at Cullman...

We had tons of fun gettin to know each other and it didnt take long for them to warm up to the camera !
Here are a few shot of what we got ~ Enjoy !           

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teens {Ally the Barbie}

This little beauty is a wonderful young lady, she is a cheerleader at Cullman High School and needed a few pics for the program, but we took this opportunity to shoot some fun stuff too... We ended up with TONS of great shots like the one you saw above. couldnt you just get lost in her blue eyes !!!  Here are some of the shots we got that day !

We couldnt get enough of these beautiful doors on the front of a church... they really made the picture pop !

Ally Had such a versitile look and she knew exactly what to do infront of the camera...my camera LOVES her...It will soon be cold weather out and I cant wait for the call...she is just beautiful...Until then Miss Ally.

Newborn {Baby Jordan}

This little guy was the sweetest baby boy ever... he was trying his best to nap while I moved, posed, 7 Photographed him... His mommy lost all the pictures that were taken the first week he was born, so Of course JC Fotography to the rescue... He is about 23 days old here...But he is still brand new !

I know he is already changing and growing up so much, I cant wait for the next little mildstone to come along... Capturing all those moments are very special and I look forward to helping you freeze them in time.

Engagements { Jason & Jessica }

This little lady is beautiful ! She and Jason are due to get married this November and What a beautiful bride she will be...They are such a fun Young couple with a very bright future ahead.

I had a blast photographing them, laughing, and capturing some special moments...You guys can call me any time, and Ill be glad to shoot until we are blue in the face !
CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH....and Here's to many happy years to come !

Monday, September 13, 2010

{Couples} Josh & Tiffany Moore

Josh and Tiffany Have been married since August of 2007 and they are just a precious Couple... They are both full of life and I cant wait for them to settle in and have a baby... Tiffany is a Nurse and Josh works with AT&T. They live in Alabama and made the trip to Hoover, Alabama, which is where I took the pics! Here are a few from their shoot...Enjoy!

These two are a Power couple and they are awesome be be around, I cant wait to see what all the future holds for them...