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~~Terms and Conditions ~
What to Expect

Artist Terms and Conditions:

Session Fee are due the day of the session. Fee covers the time and talent of the photographer and is non-refundable.

All images are edited at the photographer’s digression. NO RE-EDITS

Special request have to be made BEFORE the session is over, including editing with B&W, Sepia, vintage, etc…

1 hour and 30 minutes is reserved for your session. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you are required to reschedule.

Copyright Terms and conditions:

Please read & abide by the Digital print release. The print release gives you permission to print the photos on your disk, but all rights are still reserved to me.

JC Fotography maintains all copyrights to all worked produced, including but not limited to, printing, advertising, promotion, marketing, packaging for any product or service, and website viewing.

Any Unauthorized reprint or alteration to JC Fotography Images could be liable for copyright infringement!

Reproduction of Images must be of the original photograph.

You may NOT alter (edit) the files in any way, other than to resize them to the desired print sizes.

(if you want black and white, sepia or vintage not included on the disk) please contact me at jackiecalvert@yahoo.com

You may NOT claim the photos as your own or sell the photos to others for profit.

Internet Usage:

You may NOT post photos on the web or e-mail them to others unless they have the JC Fotography logo or name on them. Your CD will have a folder with low-resolution photos in it that have my logo on them. You may use these to post on the Internet or for e-mail and only those with my logo on them. (Use for sites like myspace.com, Facebook.com, etc…)

JC Fotography is not responsible for prints that were printed and purchased from somewhere else.

JC Fotography also does not guarantee quality of images printed unless purchased through JC Fotography. Reproductions of Images made from online viewing galleries are not printable for distribution. (If printed the image may be distorted and prints will not be clear)

By purchasing a Portrait session and CD's  you agree to all terms.

Care Instructions:
Be sure to make backup copies of your disk, just in case the original gets scratched, damaged, or lost. Keep your disk away from extreme heat, extreme Cold, or moister.

Jackie Calvert
JC Fotography