Friday, July 30, 2010

Cullman, AL Portrait Photographer { Eden Laird }

Eden is absolutly Beautiful, She needed some Portraits made for a beauty pageant and we took the opportunity to be creative and have a little fun. I tried to make her look as young as I could, but as you can see that was not the easiest thing to do... I wish I could post All the great shots we got, but instead Ill leave you with this little taste of what they were like...

Eden, you are so beautiful and such a nice young lady. You have a sunny dispotion and your so much fun to be around. I cant wait for "the nest time"

~ JC

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cullman, AL Family photographer { The Myrex Family }

Well here they are, the Fabulous, Fun, Photogenic MYREX family!!! I love these guys! (we took tons of Photo's but here are just a few)
  What a beautiful family... Koral and Paylee are absolutly beautiful and I know that Lee and Ginger are so proud of them!

Benson is too funny, I had to YELL bull frog to get him to stop what he was doing to look at me, Half way though the shoot he decided he would get in the swimming pool to cool off !!!  he is a mess...

I had some fun with this photo... Photoshop does wonders and I just couldnt resist the sun set I added in !

Palyee is going to Alabama & koral will continue to go to Auburn (bless her heart, lol)
We got a bunch of cute shots with them in their "school friendly" colors !!!

This is one of my favorites, Palee and Koral almost look like twins, they are what I would call the all american girls, ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL !!!  This photo has me wishing I had a sister too.

Another on of my favorites, its a fun shot !!


   Thank you for asking me to do this for you! It was such an honor to photograph 2 of the most beautiful, strong, and driven young ladies! You guys have made me laugh and truly ...grateful for your friendships! I had an amazing time laughing with you and I hope this will be a semi-regular event!!!!!

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