Thursday, March 29, 2012

Senior Blake Calvert

WOW... its been a while since I have updated this page... thanks alot
Anyways, Blake is my nephew and I can still remember him being 10 years old with his squinty eye'd smile, He would call at 2am to wake us up due to bad weather, I always told Darrin he would save our life one day and of course he was SHORTER than me... but that didn't last long, YEARS later......and many inches taller, Im so proud of Blake. He is a record holding cross country runner and was just accepted into the national honor society, not to mention the colleges that want him! but those things don't cover the half of it... Here are a few shots of my ONLY little nephew turned young Man... (im tearing up writing this yall) ok ok ok anyways, here he is !   (stay tuned for more to come)