Friday, December 17, 2010

Family {{ The Terry's }}

Here is the sweetest little family EVER.... Sadie is in clara's grade and Kada and Clayton just complete this little trio !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Copyright Information

All images copyrighted by the photographer, JC Fotography (Jackie Calvert). It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy, or reproduce JC Fotography's (Jackie Calvert) work in any manner and is punishable by law under the United States Copyright Laws with fines starting at $150,000.

When hiring a custom photographer you are also putting your trust within that artist to have the best images possible in print and digital form. By altering the artist’s work you are taking away from the quality and professionalism of the art.

Thank you so much for respecting JC Fotography's work and livelihood by choosing NOT to reproduce her images.

Here is a little more info on the COPYRIGHT LAWS !

Friday, December 3, 2010

Family {{ The Kimbrell's }}

I just love meeting new clients and exploring new places... We shot in town and out at the Clarkson Covered bridge in Cullman. It was absolutly beautiful out there. Having this beautiful family to shoot was a HUGE PLUS... I love them ! AND to top it off... They are ALABAMA FANS ! ROLLLLLL TIDE

Brandy, Brian, Brady, Jordyn, & Sophie.... I cant wait for the nest time we shoot. You are are beautiful people and your very blessed to have your family.