Friday, June 11, 2010

New JC Collage for Facebook

I Hate to SPAM you guys with this post but Im working on YET another Welcome Collage for my Face book wall... SOOOO enjoy this or disregaurd it.... thanks for yall continued support too !  JACK

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Figured it out !

Ok so I know yall dont care to see this, but I have figured out that I can use the HTML from this blog to post the Facebook FBML on the JC Fotography !! So just over look this post !

New JC Collage...

I knew I should have paid attention in that class...

Well I have the new website up and running... Check it out "HERE"
I'm super dooper happy with it, but I'm tired of changing colors and layouts...There are not many photos in my portfolio just yet, but each album has a hand full to look through !  Needless to say I'm happy with it for now...

On the other hand I'm still working on the "FACEBOOK" page for JC Fotography. You see... there is this "welcome" page that I should be able to insert HTML in...I have converted the "text" and It looks fine, but now I have converted a photo and I'm trying to put it in place, BUT all I get is a red X... I have tried several different web hosting sites and I get nothing...this is sooo frustrating. I have had a fellow photographer friend trying to help me out, but I am stumped....with that said...I should have paid attention in that website building class...dern it !