Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bucket List (Kids Chore Version)

This summer I made a "bucket list of things to do with both girls before they BOTH start school in the fall. It was the same exact concept, just a different bucket. ( I cant believe I don't have a picture to insert here for you) ANYWAYS... It had fun stuff like road trip, slip and side, make shaved ice cones, camp outside, Nature hike, home made ice cream, you know stuff like that...So because It has been such a success I decided to get ready for the fall with both girls. I want to be able to see if they did all their chores at a glance and just how many are left for them to do. So here goes...

Here is what you need:
~Bucket, Can, Jar etc...(I got this one from target on the dollar Isle) 
~Clothes Pins (Pack of 25-50 at dollar general for a back as well)
~Sharpie FINE PRINT marker
~Colorful pompom's (optional- I just used these to spice things up a bit) Hobby lobby or walmart !
~Glue If you decide to use the pompom's ( I used my glue gun, its quick and easy)
~I also used an index card to write a few chores and things down (you can have as many or as little as you would like of course...

My little tin can bucket thingy I purchased for ONE DOLLAR !! I actually bought several of them, I have my pens in one on my desk too...

Here is a Pic of the FEW supplies you need for this fun little project !!!

First things first I made sure I had enough clothes pins for each little chore I listed.

After I wrote all the little chores on the clothes pins with my sharpie marker, I took my glue gun and put a little spot of glue on the tip and added the colorful pompom's to them.

See, so fun and colorful...I hate that I had to use pink twice, but thats my over active OCD kicking in...LOL.

 Here is the Finished "Bucket List" Chore craft... See, its fun, colorful, and super easy.

So after you finish your particular chore pin, take it off the side, and drop it into the bucket !